Alex Ponomarev

Software Developer



Results-oriented Software Developer with 7 years experience in analysis, design, development, testing, and implementation of various embedded and internet-based applications. Proficient in a variety of platforms, languages, and embedded systems. Skilled at team collaboration and working independently in remote environments.


  • Curve Ltd (London) – B2B Software Engineer

    2017 - 2018

    Curve is on a mission to simplify the way people see, spend, save and send money. We can turn any bank, into a smart bank. Adding notifications, creating budgets, seeing spending habits across all to your existing bank account. But better than that, we can consolidate all your accounts into one single, simple to use experience. Centralising all your credit, debit, rewards and business cards and housing them safely in a single platform. For the first time giving you smart insights and control of all your money in one effortless place.

    Developed the business focused portal for corporate management and executive clients. Built with Laravel 5.5 using TDD methodology with back end microservices in GoLang. Integration with AirPlus, the global provider of business travel payment solutions for corporations.

  • Embedded Software Engineer at IDF C4I – Center of Encryption and Information Safety

    2014 - 2017

    Responsible for the protection of digital military data, threat detection and prevention, cyber warfare analysis, intrusion detection and countermeasure.

    Development of cutting edge technology on Microblaze™ soft-core processor. Worked closely with FPGA engineers and hardware specialists to create a truly innovative product. Managing integrations, schedule and milestones with an external contactor (Elbit Systems).

    Most of the code was written in C++ and C, but some crucial real-time features in Microblaze™ assembly. Software was designed in UML, Implemented and heavily tested using strict unit-tests and system tests. Jira™ for issue tracking, Confluence™ for collaboration and Git for version control.

  • Full Stack Developer at

    2014 - 2016

    Developed the whole web application from start to finish. From an idea and PSD designs I created a fully functional Wordpress based website that harvests ElasticSearch™ to search through hundreds of thousands of records instantly. Custom plugins were developed for necessary reports and administrative tools.

  • LiveLeds - Live Music LED Display (Source Code)

    2016 - 2017

    LiveLeds is a portable embedded device that can receive AUX audio input and display the sound spectrum on an RGB LED strip. The main board is a Raspberry PI 3 with a USB sound card that receives the audio from the microphone port. Audio signals get transformed to the frequency domain by FFT and translated into colors for the WS2801 LEDs.

    Settings like brightness, colors, fading and more can be adjusted using a joystick and the LCD display. Many optimizations were required to read the sound buffer, parse and display it fast enough for the delay to be unnoticeable.

  • Lead Software Developer at NTV™ Media Company

    2010 - 2012

    Challenged with developing a new software that would integrate all of the employees' needs, improve efficiency and productivity. After thorough analysis I developed an application that handles the business between the television channel and 2 of the biggest television providers in Israel.

Technical Skills

Low Level Development
(x86, Microblaze)
High Level Development
JS (Vue, jQuery)
Action Script
Linux Scripting
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  • Best Idea Award at InsurTech Hackathon: Customer Driven Claim Processing using AI and Robotics


    TravelIT will make the insurance claim process simple and hassle free. Its safe and completely automatic, saving time and money for all parties. With the travel insurance you purchase a special E-credit card will be provided. Simply take a picture of the certificate you received and the E-credit card will get instantly recharged with actual, usable money.

  • #3 Place at Ecomotion® Urban Transportation Hackathon - Parkin App


    Parkin simplifies the process of finding a parking place in the city, despite the countless parking laws. The app shows the parking spaces in the city (motorcycles, residents only, free or paid for) in real time and allows the seeker to park with confidence without risking a fine.

  • #1 Place at Schwartz-Reisman Competition For Scientific Excellence


    Created an algorithm that allows a car to perform a perfect parking maneuver by using standard, commonly available parking sensors. The concept was proven by a toy car fitted with a microcontroller, motors and my software.


  • Software Development for Real-Time Embedded Systems

    3+ Years

    Large scale project experience, from the planning phase to a premium, high-end product.

    Expertise in real-time kernel (XilKernel) development of drivers and multi-threaded applications.

    Profound understanding of RF systems, electrical engineering for large-scale projects and complicated security requirements. Detailed documentation and proper version tracking, together with development of automated tools in Python and TCL are the key to success in complex systems.

  • Web Development

    7+ Years

    Freelance web designer / developer with accountability for marketing and selling services, managing all client relationships, controlling budgets, and creating websites and web-based applications for corporate and private clients. Worked as an individual and in cooperation with a team to provide secure and robust solutions to my clients. Completed numerous projects while always meeting tight deadlines.

  • Android App Development

    4+ Years

    Created several Android apps like Parkin and YouMP3. Apps were written in native Java and communicated with my server via HTTP requests. High level of security and compatibility were a key aspect in the development process.

  • Hardware and Microcontrollers

    4+ Years

    Deep understanding of microcontrollers and electronics. Experience with Arduino, Raspberry PI (Linux) and Intel Edisson boards. Made many modifications to home appliances using simple circuits as well as IOT products that improve and simplify daily activities.